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columbia cup 20th century 24 carat 254 kw 265 years old 3 blade 340 hp 350 hp 3blade 40cm 431 squadron 450 hp 4riders 4ship maneuvering formation 4th of july 4theriders 509 bw 80 foot waterfall 84th 85th 864 feet a higher performance engine and new air intakes to deal with the a higher performance engine and new air intakes to deal with the mach 2 speeds that it would fly. a streamlined nose and an area rule where the fuselage bec a streamlined nose and an area rule where the fuselage becomes thinner in the middle a. californica a. collaris a10 a26 douglas invader a4b skyhawk a7 corsair ii abloom above abstract abundance acceleration accessory accipitridae accipitriformes accumulating ace achievement acrobatic act actinemys action active activities activity actor ad4w skyraider additional admiral george dewey adorable adrenalin adrenaline adult adult female adult male breeding adults advanced adventure adventurous aechmophorus aegithalidae aeio580x aerial aerial refueling aero aero vodochody l39c albatross aerospace aerospatiale af 88459 af892083 affluence affordable africa african afterburner afternoon against agavaceae aged agelaius phoeniceu agile agribusiness agricultural agriculture aguereberry aim air air expo air force air show airborne airbus a320 aircraft aircraft n182ua aircraft n475am airdrop airfields airframe airlift airliner airplane airplanes airport airshow al fresco aladdin theater alarm alaska alba albatross albert johnson alcatraz alert alertness alien blimp alkalai ice alkaline allens alley alone along alps alps area backgrounds beauty blue cold coniferous fog forest geography gorge california state boarder hill high horizon land landscape light majestic mountains national nature outdoors panoramic peak picturesque range ridge road rock rocky rough sierra sky snow summer terrain tranquil tree uncultivated wilderness wildlife highway also received a sweptwing like the f86 and a far more powerful also received a sweptwing like the f86 and a far more powerful engine that transformed it into viable fighter. altitude am1 martin ama amarillo amaryllis amaryllis belladonna amazing america america animal america's cup american american dipper american goldfinch american kestrel american mourning dove american robin americana americas cup ameristep chair blind anatidae anatoliy lukich ancient and a tail hook for carrier landings and saw combat with the iranian air force. and the sikorsky h19 helped to solve this problem. designed thr and the sikorsky h19 helped to solve this problem. designed throughout a span of seven months angels angle angloamerican animal animalia animals anna's annas anniversary announcement announcer annual anseriformes anserinae anserini antenna antennal segments antique antiques antiquities antlers apba aphelocoma aphelocoma californica appease applauding apple appliances approaching april aquarium aquatic aquatic songbird arc arch archdiocese architect architectural architecture arctic ardea ardea herodias area areal argentina argonaut armed army army post arrangement art arthropod artifacts artillery artistic artwork as well as three medical personnel. evergreen aviation museum aspen asphalt assist asteraceae athlete athletic atmosphere atmospheric attack attack helicopter attract attraction audience auguste aura australia auto automation automobile automotive autopilot autumn av5 av8b av8b harrier ii avanti avenue aves avian aviation aviator awning aythya collaris b. canadensis b. cedrorum b. scandiacus b1 lancer b2 spirit b2a spirit b52 baboon baby backdrop background backgrounds backhand backsplash backyard badwater badwater basin baird's baja california balancing balaoclass submarine bald eagle baldassare forestiere ball balloon ballooning balsam cottonwood band banded bandtailed pigeon bang bank banks banner bar bark barking deer barklike bars barsik base baseline basic basilica church basin basket bassotto bath bathing battle battlefield bay bay area bay bridge beach beagle beak bear bearing bearing the brunt of the navys missions in the first years of bearing the brunt of the navys missions in the first years of the war. evergreen aviation museum beast beat beautiful beauty beaver bed bedding beds bee beekeeping bees beginning behind bell bell ah1 cobra bell ah1f cobra bell helicopter bell uh1 iroquois bell uh1h iroquois belladonna lily bellboeing bellboeing v22b osprey belly belted kingfisher bench berbatis pan berries berry best bet bf109 messerschmitt bicycle bicycles bicyclist bicyclists biennial big sur bike bill billed binoculars biology biplane birch bird bird feeder bird of prey bird watching birdbath birdbird watching birdhouse birding birdofprey birds birdwatching birthday bisect bixby bridge bixby creek bridge black black cottonwood black knights black necked swan black phoebe blackbeaked blackbird blackcapped blackheaded grosbeak blacknecked blacknecked swan blacktail blacktailed blackyellow blade blades blessed junipero serra bliss block blocks bloom blooming blossom blotched blue blue break breaking cliffs blue mountain blur blurred boarder boat boating boats bobcat body boeing boeing 377 stratocruiser miniguppy boeing 747 boeing 777 boeing a75l3 boeing b52 stratofortress boeing b75n1 boeing commercial airplanes bogey boiling bolinas bolinas lagoon bomb bomber bombycilla bombycilla cedrorum bombycillidae boom borax border bore botanic botanical botany both on the same day both the u.s. and soviet union put into practice the research do both the u.s. and soviet union put into practice the research done by german scientists in world war ii regarding sweptwings and high performance flight. after seeing the tremendous performance advances of the sweptwing jets bottle boulder boundary bouquet boutiques bovine boy scouts branch branches branta branta canadensis brass brave bravery break breakfast breaking breast breeze breezy brian perkins brick bridalveil falls bridge bridge of the gods bridges bridging bright brine shrimp broadleaf broken bronze brown brownheaded cowbird browse bruno bubble bubo bubo scandiacus buck buck shaw stadium bud bug builder building buildings built built this replica with many original jenny canuck pieces bulb bulbous plant bull bulrush bumblebee bunch burial burns bury bus bush bushes bushtit bushy business buteo jamaicensis butterfly buzz c. auratus c. cyaneus c. lateralis c. mexicanus c. stelleri c.mexicanus c17 c31a c31a troopship c47 skytrain c5 ca ca july 30 tim decker taxi on his pitts s2b during the airsh ca july 30 tim decker taxi on his pitts s2b during the airshow ca.acrobatic cabin cabinet cabinetry cable cactus cage cake caldera calf california california capital airshow california golden gate national recreation area california poplar california view of hummingbird californica calistoga called the dakotas in england the skytrains in the united states callipepla callospermophilus lateralis calls calm calming calves cambria camouflage camp camper campground camping campus camry canada canada goose canadian forces canardlike canary canby candle canine cannon canon canon ef 14mm f2.8l ii usm ultrawide angle lens canon fire canopy canyon cap capabilities cape capital capitan capitol capped captain captain garrett e. dover captive captivity capture car carapace caravan carcass cardinalidae carduelinae carduelis carduelis pinus care cargo cargo doors and a beefed up floor. during the berlin airlift in cargo doors and a beefed up floor. during the berlin airlift in 1946 goonies helped supply a city from the air with everything from coal to candy. the c47 took part in the dday invasion carmel carmel beach carmel by the sea carmel mission carmelbythesea carnivore carolina grasshopper carolina pigeon carolina turtledove carpet carpodacus carpodacus mexicanus carrierbased carry carved cas cascade cascade range castello castle cat catacombs catamaran catcher catenary cathartes cathedral catholic catoptrophorus cattail cattle caucasian ccf harvard mk4 cdf cedar waxwing ceiling celebrate celebration celebrities celebrity cell cement cemetery centenary center centerpiece centers central central oregon centre cercopithecidae cervus canadensis cervus canadensis roosevelti cerylidae cessna 180 cfarm chainsaw chair champion championship championships chapel charadriiformes charadrius charcoal charcoal kilns charles m. schulz charter chase checked checker cheerful cheering chelonian cherry chestnutbacked chickadee poecile rufescens chevrolet chick chickadee chihuahua chilensis chilkat chill china chinese chinook chipping chlorine chopper chordata christeena minicoupe christian christmas chrome chuck aaron chum church chute cinclidae cinclus cinclus mexicanus circle circular fuselage circumfrance circus circus cyaneus city cityscape civic civil civilian clap clape clark's nutcracker class class b class insecta classic classical claws clean clear clearest cliff cliffs climate climb climbing clint's mission ranch restaurant clock clock tower clocktower close air support close air support for troops in combat and to provide an escort close air support for troops in combat and to provide an escort for troop carrying helicopters. close up closeup cloud clouds cloudscape cloudy club cluster cm.170 cn 25279 cn 25985 cn 29168 cn 34573 cn 6227 cn 6s5838873 coarse coast coast guard coast range coast redwood coastal coastline coat of arms of uganda coated cobra cockpit coffee coho coin aircraft coit tower colaptes colaptes auratus cold cold blooded colibri collar collection colma colonial colonies colonnade colony color colored colorful colorful details coloring colors colour colourful columbia columbia cup columbia river gorge columbia river gorge national scenic area columbidae columbiformes column columns combat comfort comfortable commemorates commemorative air force commercial common common raven common starling commonclose up communication compete competition competitive competitive sport complex components composite concentration concept conceptual concert concrete condensation condition cone configuration confinement coniferous conservation considerable construction contemporary contopus sordidulus contra costa county convair f102a delta dagger convair f106 delta dart convento convict convoy escort cooked cool cooperation cooperi copyright anatoliy lukich coraciiformes cormorant corner corona corp corporation corridor corvidae corvus corax cosmic cosmopolitan cottages cottenwood cotton counter counterinsurgency coin aircraft countertop country country side country's flag countryside county courage course court courtship cover covered cow cowboys cowgirls cozy cr2 crack crane crater crater lake craters crawl crawling crazy famous creator creature creek crescent moon crest crew crime criminal crimson crop crops cross crosssection crouching crow crowd crowley crowned cruise crystal ct114 tutor cultivated cultivation culture cup curiosity curious curlycup gumweed currant curtiss curtiss jn4 jenny canuck 1917 replica built as a trainer for curtiss jn4 jenny canuck 1917 replica built as a trainer for world war i pilots curtiss model d headless pusher replica one of the most successf curtiss model d headless pusher replica one of the most successful competitors to the wright brothers was glenn curtiss. like the wrights curtiss p40 warhawk curve curved curves custom cut cute cutout cutting cyanocitta cyanocitta stelleri cycle cycling cypress inn cyprinodon salinus cyprinodon salinus salinus cyrillic dachshund dairy daisy dam dana danaus plexippus dancers dancing dancing monkey danger dangerous dante's dark darkeyed darwin darwin falls dauphin dave villwock dawn daybreak daylight daytime dc10 dc3 dc3a dead death death valley death valley national park death valley ranch deciduous decor decorated decoration decorative dedicated dedication deep deep ravines deer defender defense dehavilland delicate delosperma delta air lines aircraft n180dn demanding demonstration dense department deposit depressing depths deschutes national forest descriptive desert deserted design designed when supersonic flight was relatively new designer designer ed heinemann became concerned with the growing weight a designer ed heinemann became concerned with the growing weight and cost of fighters and set out to design one to reverse the trend. the result was the a4 skyhawk destination detail details detention determination develop development device di dialed diameter diamond formation diet different dine dining direct flight direction directly dirt dirt bike dirtbike dirty disambiguation discovery display dissosteira carolina distance distances distant distinct distinctive district dive diver diverse diversity diving diving duck dock docked dog doggy dolphin dome domes domestic don dots doublecrested cormorant douglas douglas a4e skyhawk douglas c47 sky train dove downtown downward downy downy woodpecker drag was greatly reduced to produce a winning design. this conce drag was greatly reduced to produce a winning design. this concept is still used on highperformance aircraft today. dragonfly dramatic dream dreamy dress dribble dribbler drill drink driver driving drop dropping paratroopers from the 101st airborne over normandy drops drought dry duck duckling ducks dunes during the cold war during the korean war dusk dwelling dying dynamic ea18g each eagle ear early in the korean war ears earth earthquakes east easter eastern eastern pondhawk eat eating eats ecology ecosystem eddie andreini edge edges editorial education effect effort egg egret el elaborate elderly electric electronic electronic warfare elegance elegant elements elevated elevations elite elk elongate embarcadero emberizidae emergency emotion empty emys enclave enclosed endangered endless energetic energy engine engines enjoy entertainment entire entomology environment epitaphs equatorial equestrian equine equipment equitation erco ercoupe 415c erect erected high eric hansen eroded erosion erupt eruption erythemis erythemis simplicicollis erythrocebus estate estimated estuaries estuary ethnic etiquette euphagus cyanocephalus eurocopter europe european european starling evacuation eve evening event evergreen evergreen aviation museum evergreen aviation museum in mcminnville evergreen aviation museum mcminnville excellence excellent exceptional exciting exercise exhibit exhibition exotic expensive exploration explosion explosive exposure expression exquisite exterior extra 300s extravagant tail extreme extreme sport exudates eye eyes eyesight f1 rocket f14a tomcat f15 f15 eagle f15e f16 f16 viper f16c f16c fighting falcon f18 f22 f22 raptor f4u7 corsair f86 sabre f86f usaf fa18 fa18f super hornet facade face fairchild gk1 fairchild republic fairchild republic a10 thunderbolt ii faith faithful falco sparverius falcon falconiformes fall fallen falls family family acrididae family columbidae family tyrannidae famous fancy fanned fans farm farming farmland fashion fast fat fat albert airlines father fauna fear fearless feather feathered feet feathers federal feed feeder feeding feet felidae feline female fence fences fenestron ferries ferry fertile festival festive few field fields fierce fifthgeneration fight fighter fighter aircraft fighterbomber fighting falcon fin final finch finches finding fine finedine finger fire firecat fireworks first flown in 1946 with a straight wing fish fish eagle fish hawk fishbed fishermans wharf fishing five five window openings flag flame flamingo flapping flaps flash flat fleet fleet week flicker flight flipper floatplane flock flocks flooring flora floral florescence floristic flow flower flowerbed flowergarden flowerhead flowering flowering plant flowers flows fluffy fly flyby flycatcher flying fmf foam focus focusing fog fog forest fog signal station foggy fokker27 fokker27 mk400 friendship foliage folk follow food foot football for more than three decades force forces ford ford t forecourt forehand forest forestiere underground gardens forests forewing formation formations forming fort fort baker fort ross fort ross state historic park old cemetery.american fortifications fortified forward fossil fossil bearing fouga cm.170 magister founders fountain fourth fowl fra fragile fragility frame france.operator. francisco free freedom french fresco fresh freshness freshwater fresnel fresnel lens fresno friendly friendship fringillidae frogs frost frosty frozen fruit fuchsia fulcrum full fun funny fur furry fuselage fusion future fuzzy gaffer woodpecker galanthus galaxy gallant galleries galley galliformes gallop gamble game games garage garden gardeners gardening garter snake gas range gases gate gateway gathering gawker bird gazebo gazing gear geese geiserville general dynamics gently genus genus contopus genus dissosteira geography geologic geological geology geothermal ger geranium maderense german germany germinates geyser ghost giant gift ginger girl girl scouts giving rise to what would someday be the aircraft carrier. glacier glacier point glass glasses glide glider gliding globemaster iii glossy goal gold golden golden gate golden gate bridge golden gate park golden knights goldencrowned sparrow goldenmantled ground squirrel golf goose gopher gorge gorgeous gorilla gosling gothic gourmet government grace grain grand grand teton national park grandstand grandstands granite grape grapes grapevine canyon grapevine mountains graphic grass grasses grasshopper grasslands grave gray gray jay grazing great grebe greek green greenery gregarious grenadier grey greyblue chest grille grindelia squarrosa grizzly grizzly peak ground ground attack ground attack aircraft groundattack grounddwelling grounded grounds group grow growing grown growth grumman c1a trader grumman f14d super tomcat grumman s2f1 ts2a grumman tf9j cougar grumpy grunge grungy guard guitar gull gummy resin gumption gun gunpowder h. bachmani h1 habit habitat haematopodidae haematopus haines hair hairs hairy half dome halfhardy haliaeetus leucocephalus halite salt crystal hand handicap handmade hang hanging happiness happy harbor hardwood harleydavidson harmon rocket ii harmony harrier harrier jump jet harry downie harrywicket harvest harvested hat hawk hawker sea fury fb.11 hawker siddeley harrier hazard hdr2 head headland headlands headlight headquarters heads headstone health healthy hearst heat heaven heavenly heavy heighho height heights helicopter helmet herb herbivore herbivorous herd heritage hero heroes heron hf hh65 hh65c hidden high high resolution highprofile incidents highspeed dogfights highway hike hiking hill hills hillsboro hillside hindleg hindwing hippodrome his designs were pushers historic historical history hive hoar hoax hobby hog holding hole holes holiday holstein holy home homeland homes homestead honey honey bunny honeycomb honor hood hoof hope horizon horizone horizontal hornet horns horse horsepower horses horticulture hot hotdog hotel hound house house sparrow household houses housing hove hover hovering hovers huge hughes h4 hercules human hume hummingbird hung hungry hunt hunted hunter hunters hunting hunting gophers hussar monkey hutton's vireo hydroplane hyemalis oreganus iar823 ice icteridae ideas idyllic illuminated illumination ilya laqutenko image img immature impala impressive imprints improvement improving in inauguration incidents including an original curtiss ox5 engine and many vintage metal including an original curtiss ox5 engine and many vintage metal parts. incredible independence indian muntjac indigo indoors industrial aeronautica of romania industry industry of aeronautics infantry infineon infineon international raceway ingenious ingredient inhomogeneous inland innocence innocent innovative insect insects inside inspiration instrument intelligence intercontinental interior intermediatehatching intermeshing rotors intermission international invertebrate iridescent iron irrigated irrigation irrigation line island isolate isolated it was a departure from earlier helicopters it was in vietnam that the helicopter became master of the battl it was in vietnam that the helicopter became master of the battlefield. much of this was because of the bell ah1 cobra it won fame hauling conventional bombs in vietnam italian italy its widespread use made it a symbol of the war in the minds of its widespread use made it a symbol of the war in the minds of the public. created as utility helicopters ixoreus ixoreus naevius j. michael kelly j2f6 duck jail jailhouse jake johnson jam january jar jay jblm jeldwen field jet jet airliner jet blue jet trainer jetpowered jets jewish jimmy shane jo mora chapel gallery jockey john day john day fossil beds national monument john geary joint joint base lewismcchord jon zimmerman joshua trees journey joy julia julia morgan julia pfeiffer burns state park july july 27 jump jumpers junco junco hyemalis june 06 jungle junior juvenile jw myers kaman hh43 huskie kaman htk 1 helicopter karkar keepsakes kelly stocklin ken fowler kenmore air keyboard ki43 oscar kick kicker kids kill killed kilns king kingdom kingdom animalia kingfisher kings kings canyon kip brown kirby chambliss kitchen kittyhawk klamath basin knee known korean team korean war l29 delphin l39 l39c la cuesta encantada la galaxy la playa hotel lady lagoon lake lake union terminal lakes laminar land land light landing landmark landmarks landscape landscaped landscaping large amphibious assault ships large front zippered window largeheaded largest largest twinjet largestdiameter laridae latin lava beds national monument lawn lazy leading leaf lean leaves ledges lee flat joshua trees leg legacy legendary legion legs leisure leland leland stanford junior university length lengths lens lenses lenticular leo leopard lesser goldfinch lettuce level liberty life lifestyle lift lifting light light attack bomber light station lightcolored lighthouse lightning lights like the shape of a soda bottle. by reducing the cross section w like the shape of a soda bottle. by reducing the cross section where the wings joined lily limb limnology limosa fedoa limousine line lines linnaeus lion lioness listening liturgical liturgy live livestock living lizard location lock lockheed lockheed martin lockheed p38 lightning lockheed sr71a blackbird in the world of aviation lockheedmartin c130t hercules lockup locust lodge log lola lombard long longbilled curlew longrange longtailed look looking loophole loud louis vuitton cup lovable love low lower lowland lowpowered jet engine. while north american was developing the lowpowered jet engine. while north american was developing the fury for the u.s. navy lukich lukich photography lunch lush lutak lutheran luxurious luxury lycoming engine lying lynx rufus m. alcyon m. ater m. melodia mach machine macro madeira madeira cranesbill magellanic magellanicus magic main maincoone maine coon majestic major male mammal mammals man mandrill mandrillus mane maneuverable maneuvers manila bay manmade mansion many manzanita marble marbled godwit maria marin marina marine marines marion bartoli market marmorata marsh marshes marshlands mart massenkoff russian folk festival massive master masterpiece mat match material mather airport mature mauler may mayor mazama maze mbb bo 105 mcchord field mcdonnell douglas mcdonnell douglas kc10a extender mcminnville mcway creek mcway falls meadow meadows meal mechanical medal medical medical evacuation medicine medieval mediumsized mega mega structure megaceryle megaceryle alcyon megastructure melospiza melodia member memorial memorial day memory merula mesquite flat messerschmittbölkowblohm bo 105 messy metal metallic meter metropolis mexico mh65d midget mig15 uti mig17 mig21 mig29 migrant migrate migrating migrations migratorius migratory mikoyangurevich mikoyangurevich mig 17lim6 military military monkey millionaire millions mine mineral minor mirror missilearmed interceptors around u.s. borders. while the f102 missilearmed interceptors around u.s. borders. while the f102 delta dagger had served admirably in this role mission mission revival missionary missions mist mix mls mobile mobility model models modern modified modified lycoming aeio540 hartzell composite module mohave moist mojave molothrus molothrus ater monarch monarch grove sanctuary money monkey monkeys mono basin national scenic area mono county mono lake tufa state reserve monotypic montane montecito sequoia monterey monterey county monument moon moonrise moonset moored moorland morning moro rock mosaic moss most mother motion moto motocross motor motorbike motorcycle motorhome motorsport motorsports mount mount diablo mount hood mount mazama mount st. helens mountain mountainous mountains mounted police mourning dove mourning dove zenaida macroura mouth move moving mt mt. hood national forest mt. st. helens mt.hood mud mule deer multi multicolored multnomah mumiy troll munrás muntiacus muntjak muntjacs museum museums music musical musician mustang mv22b n. columbiana n. mark evans n122ua n14gc n154eh n212ua n414df n451ea n46463 n51705 n56cu n606ka n62945 n900ka n943dj naked lady name nanchang china yak18a nanchang cj6 nannodes napa napa county napa valley nascar nation's national national bird national historic landmark national park nationals native natural natural bridge canyon nature nautical nautical vessel naval navy nearby neck necked nectar neighbor neighborhood nest nesting nestling new mexico newborn newly newport nickname nicknames nieuport 11 replica night night scene night skies nightlife nikolai nj531 nm nob hill nobody nord 1101 north north america north american north american aviation north american aviation at6 texan north american f86f north american fj3 fury north american ov10a north american snj5 north american t28 trojan north american t2c buckeye north americanvictoria mnt lt at6a north beach northeastern northern northern flicker northern harrier northernmost northrop northrop grumman northwest nose nostalgia not notch notorious november nucifraga nucifraga columbiana number numenius numenius americanus numenius phaeopus nut nutrition nutritious nwr nx749dpnh749l nx91264 nymphs object objects observance observation observe occidentalis ocean ocean beach october odell lake odocoileus hemionus of colors office officer offroad oldfashioned oldtimer oldworld olmstead point olympia olympic flight museum ominous omnivore on july 30 one one of the lightest attack aircraft ever built. the smallest air one of the lightest attack aircraft ever built. the smallest aircraft ever capable of carrying a nuclear weapon oneblock onion open opening opera optical or oracle oracle challenger biplane orange orange beak orchards order order orthoptera order passeriformes ordinance ordnance oregon oregon air national guard oregon coast aquarium oregon juncos organic organism original ornamental ornithology orthodox orthoptera acrididae osprey ostralegus otter outdoor outdoors outer outfit outside outsize ov10a overcast overfed fat squirrel. overfeed overlooking oversize owl oyster oystercatcher p. canadensis p. domesticus p. fasciata p. haliaetus p. ludoviciana p. melanocephalus p. pubescens p180 p2v7 neptune p38 p38 lightning p40 p40e p47 thunderbolt p51 p51 mustang p51d p51d mustang pacific pacific grove pacific heights pacific high pacific ocean pacific salmon pacifica paint scheme painted hills painted hills unit palace pale pale brown palm palo alto panamint pandion pandion haliaetus pandionidae panorama panorama1 panorama2 panoramic pansy papillon par parachute parachutist parent paridae parish park parking parkland parquet part parterre parts party parvorder pass passageways passenger passengers passer passer domesticus passeri passerida passeridae passeriformes passerine passing past pastel pastoral pasture patagioenas patagioenas fasciata patagonia patas patches path patio patriotic patriotism patriots patrol pattern patterned patty wagstaff pavo paws pby5a catalina pdx peace peaceful peacock peafowl peak peaks peck pecking pedro pelagic cormorant pelagic shag pelecaniformes pelecanus pelican penguin peninsula penitentiary people perch perched perching perennial perfect perfection perform performance performing perhaps no other aircraft is as closely associated with the viet perhaps no other aircraft is as closely associated with the vietnam war as the bell uh1 iroquois. popularly called the huey periods perisoreus perisoreus canadensis perro salchicha person personal pest pet petal petals petroglyph point pets pfeiffer phalacrocoracidae phalacrocorax auritus phalacrocorax pelagicus phantom ship phasianidae pheasant family phenomenon pheucticus pheucticus melanocephalus phoebe phoenicopterus photograph photographer photographers photography phylum phylum arthropoda piaggio piaggio avanti p180 pianist piano piano bar picidae piciformes picoides picoides pubescens picturesque pier piers pigeon pigeon point lighthouse pillar point air station pillar point military reservation pilot pilots pine pine inn pine siskin pink pinnacles pinniped pinos lighthouse pipilo pipilo maculatus piranga piranga ludoviciana pistil piston pitts s2b place placement plains plane planes plant planted plantlife plants plate play player playful playing plays plaza plover plow plowed plumage plunging poecile atricapillus poecile rufescens point point arena lighthouse point cabrillo lighthouse point lobos point montara lighthouse point reyes point reyes national seashore pole polish political politics pollen pond pond hawk pondhawk pool pop popular population populus trichocarpa porch port port of san francisco portal portland portland timbers portola portrait pose posing postcard posts posture pot powder blue power powerful practice prandtlglauert pratt whitney precious precision predator present presented preservation preserve prestige pretty pride primary primate prison pristine pristine vegetative private prizes produce product features professional profile prominent prone propeller propellers property protect protected protection prototype proud prounion prowl prowling psaltriparus minimus pt17 stearman public public tours punish punishment pupfish puppy pure purity purple purple ice plant pusher putting pv2 harpoon pyramid quail quaint quick quickandeasy quickie homebuilt quickly quiet race racecourse racer racers racetrack racetrack playa raceway racket radar rain rain dove rainbow rainfall rallies rally ranch randolph random range rangeland rapids raptor rare rattling ravines ray rays real realestate realism realty recedes receding recreation recreational recruit red red bull red bull aerobatic helicopter red monkey red muntjac redbreasted redbreasted nuthatch reddish redhawks redshafted flicker redtailed redwinged redwood redwood shores reed reflect reflection reformatory refraction refreshment refuge region registered registration number rehearsal relax relaxation relaxed relaxing religion religious remember remembrance remote renovation reproduce reptile reptilia republic aviation began work on converting their straightwing f republic aviation began work on converting their straightwing f84 thunderjet into a high speed fighter. started in 1949 republic f105g thunderchief designed to fly at supersonic speed republic f105g thunderchief designed to fly at supersonic speeds at a low altitude republic f84f thunderstreak reredos rescue reservoir residence residential resort resplendent rest restaurants restful resting restoration restored restraint resulting in the hugely successful f86 sabre. the fj3 fury retro rhythm ribbons rich rich perkins ride rider riders ridge riding ring ringbilled ringnecked duck ripe ripple ripples risk risky ritual rival rivalry river riverbank rivers road road race roadsides roadway robin rock rock and roll rocks rockwell b1b lancer rocky rodent rodents rodeo rodin roles roman romance romantic roof room rooms roosevelt elk rooster tail roostertail rope rose rosy rotary rotor rotorcraft rough round round 9 of 12 rounded route row rows royalty rugged run runaway running water rural rushes russia russian rusty rv ryan mallow s s красноплечий чёрный трупиал s. canadensis s. psaltria s. tristis sabine lisicki sabrejet sacramento saddle sade's bar sadness safari safe safety sail sailboat sailing sailing stones sailor saint salinas saline salmon salons salt salty sammy halbert san san francisco san francisco maritime national park association san jose san pablo bay sanctuary sand sandpiper sandstone santa clara santa lucia santa rosa sar sausage dog sauvie sauvie island savanna save sayornis nigricans sbd dauntless scale scalloped scalloping scavenger scavenging scene scenery scenic scenic drive scented school scientific name scolopacidae scott liddycoat scotty's castle scouts screen scrub scrubjay sculptur sculpture scute sea sea harrier sea hawk sea lions seabird seagull seal sean d. tucker search searching seascape seashore seaside season seasonal seattle sounders secondgeneration secrets security see seed seedlings seeds sekonic l358 sekonic rt32n selective semicircle semifinal semipalmata semipalmated semipalmatus senior september sequester sequestration sequoia serena williams serene serenity sergeantmajor monkey series serra memorial cenotaph serve service setting an altitude record at 85 settlement settlers setup sever several sexy sf sfc sfo shadow shadows shallow shaped sharapova sharp shasta shell shenyang jj2 shine shiny ship ships shock collar shock egg shockwave shockwave jet truck shoe shooting star shopping shops shore shorebird shoreline shorelines shores short short range recovery shortcoated shot shoulder strap for carrying show shrub shrubs shy sicilian immigrant side sideblotched sideblotched lizard sierra sierra nevada sightseeing signal signals sikorsky h19d chickasaw silhouette silver simeon simplicicollis simplicity singapore airlines aircraft 9vswh singer single single engine single side blue peacock sitting one closeup details lawn bird r single side blue peacock sitting one closeup details lawn bird resting colorful animal grass lying colors nature colored male pheasant colourful feathers coloured colours greenery plumage decorative pavo peafowl phasianidae singleseat singularity site sites sits sitta sitta canadensis sittidae sitting six ski skies skill skinpaints sky skydiver skydiving skyline skylines skyscraper slammer sleek sleeping slimy slot slow slug small aircraft carriers small fish small size smallsized smash smell smile smiling smith and bybee wetlands natural area smoke smooth snail snake sneak in sneaking snj5 snow snowbirds demonstration team snowcapped mountain snowdrop snowy snowy owl soar soaring soccer sock sockeye soft softness software soil soldier soldiers soldiers usually referred to c47s as gooney birds. the soldiers usually referred to c47s as gooney birds. the c47 is a military version of the successful dc3 airliner with improved engines soles solid solitary solitude somber song song sparrow songbird sonic sonoma sonoma county airport sosis sound source south south african crowned crane south america south asia southern southern california southwest southwestern space span spanish spanish colonial revival spanning sparkle sparkly sparrow spawn spawning species species c. sordidulus speckles spectacular spectators spectrum speed speedway spend spheniscus sphinx spice spider spills spines spinnaker spinus spinus psaltria spinus tristis spire spirit of indiana spirit of ohio spiritual spirituality splash splashing splendid sponsor sport sporting sports sports race sports team spotted spotted towhee spotting spray spread spring spring down equestrian center sprinkler sprinklers sprint spy squadron square squirrel squirrels belong to a large family of small or mediumsized rode squirrels belong to a large family of small or mediumsized rodents called the sciuridae.animals srr stabilizer stage stage 3 stakes stalk stalking stalks stand standardsized standing stands stanford stanford university star star trail staring starling stars start state state historic park state park stateprotected states static station stations statue stay steadfast steal stealth bomber stealth technology steam steaming steel steep steller's jay stem stems steve david steve stavrakakis sticky still stockcar stocky stone storage stores storm story strategic stratofortress stratotanker stratovolcano straw stream streams street strength strigidae strigiformes strike eagle strikes striking strings strip striped stripes stripy stroll strong strongly structure studio stunt sturnidae sturnus vulgaris style subfamily subfamily oedipodinae submarine suborder subsonic subspecies subtropical suburb suburban suburbia success succulent suet sukhoi su26 sulae summer summer sun sun sunbeam sundown sunflower sunflower family sunflowers sunlight sunny sunny day sunray sunrise sunset sunshine super super cross super hornet super stearman superbike superiority fighter supermaneuverable supermarine 379 spitfire fr14 supersonic supervised support surf surface surrounds surveillance suspension swallowtail swamp swan swarm sweat sweet swept wing fighter swim swimmers swimming swing swollen symbol system t28a trojan t28c trojan t33 t34 t38 t6 texanfm2 wildcat tabby table tableware tacoma tactical tail tail cone tailcoat take down takeoff tall talon talons tan tanker tawny taxi tbm avenger tea team team steadfast teams teamwork technology teckel tegmen tekkel tekkel doxie telephone poles temperature tender tenderness tennis tentacle terrain texas textron lycoming texture textured tg114n19sf thamnophis sirtalis the air force asked them to modify it to a sweptwinged version the aircraft could not be coaxed over the sound barrier. a radic the aircraft could not be coaxed over the sound barrier. a radical redesign included a more powerful engine the bremont horsemen aerobatic team the cobra was designed to provide fast the deltawing f102 was beset with troubles from the start. bui the deltawing f102 was beset with troubles from the start. built as an interceptor the enchanted hill the f106 delta dart. the f106 featured more powerful radar the f14 tomcat served as the longranged defender of the u.s. n the f14 tomcat served as the longranged defender of the u.s. navys fleets around the world. as an interceptor armed with the phoenix missile the f14 was able to shoot down enemy aircraft at distances of m the f14 was able to shoot down enemy aircraft at distances of more than 100 miles. tomcats went into combat in 1981 and 1989 with libyan fighters over the gulf of sidra the first helicopter designed from the start as a flying gun pla the first helicopter designed from the start as a flying gun platform. first flown in 1965 the late 1950s saw an effort by convair to squeeze more performa the late 1950s saw an effort by convair to squeeze more performance out of the design. the result was a whole new aircraft the letter and number designation jn4 looked enough like the letter and number designation jn4 looked enough like jenny to earn it the nickname almost immediately. ninetyfive percent of world war i u.s. and canadian pilots flew a jn4 during their training. century aviation of wenatchee the original fj1 fury saw little success due to its inadequate the project ran into many difficulties and the thunderstreak was the project ran into many difficulties and the thunderstreak was not ready until after the korean war ended. the republic f105g thunderchief was the largest single engine f the republic f105g thunderchief was the largest single engine fighter ever used by the u.s. air force. although its original mission was to carry a nuclear weapon the thunderchief carried the brunt of the tactical bombing campa the thunderchief carried the brunt of the tactical bombing campaign in the vietnam war until losses became too high. evergreen aviation museum the u.s. air force was on guard against any threat and employed the u.s. air force was on guard against any threat and employed highperformance the u.s. army lacked helicopters with large payload capacity the u.s. navy issued a requirement in 1956 for a jet trainer tha the u.s. navy issued a requirement in 1956 for a jet trainer that could be used to instruct student pilots from basic training through their carrier qualifications. north american aviation won the contract based on a simple design utilizing elements of the fj1 fury jet fighter and t28 trojan trainer. the buckeye featured excellent visibility for both instructor and student theater there is no production aircraft that flies higher or faster than there is no production aircraft that flies higher or faster than the sr71 blackbird. born out of a cold war need to keep tabs on americas adversaries thermal these hueys could hold up to six stretchers they were tasked with troop and supply transport thick thinker this unarmed reconnaissance aircraft was unequaled in performanc this unarmed reconnaissance aircraft was unequaled in performance thoroughbred threatened three threeengined thrill thrilling throat sac thrush thrush family thunderbolt ii tidal tide tidefalls tiger tillamook air museum tilt tiltrotor tim decker timber timber joey timbers army time timeless tinted tiny tire tit toes tolerate tomahawk tomb tombstones tongue tools top tortoise tour tour de francestyle tourism tourist tournament tow tower town toy toyota track track days tracks tradition traditional trail trailbike trailing trails trained trainer training tranquil tranquil scene tranquility transamerica transmitter transonic jet fighter aircraft transport transportation trap travel traveling travis air force base tree tree branch tree flowers tree trunk trees treetrunk tribe tricities tricks trillium lake tringa trinket trip triple triple seven tristis tropic tropical trot trotting trunk tualatin river national wildlife refuge tube tule elk reserve tulelake tulip tundra tundra swan tunnel tunnel view turbine turbine beaver turbofan engines turbojet turbomeca marboré turboprop turdidae turdus turdus migratorius turf turkey turn left turquoise turtle tuscan tuxedo twentymule twig twilight twin twinengine two twobladed twoseat twostory types tyrant u.s. u.s. air force heritage flight u.s. president u.s.a. u1 spirit of qatar u11 unlimited racing group u17 our gang racing u18 bucket list racing u2 u2 spyplane u21 go fast u2s spyplane u37 miss beacon plumbing u5 graham trucking u57 formulaboats u6 oh boy oberto u88 degree men u9 jones racing u99 leland unlimited ubehebe crater uganda uncultivated under underground underwater uneven uniform uniformity union army union square unique united united airlines united states united states air force united states marine corps university unlimited unlimited air racing unofficially huey unrecognizable untamed up upper upriver upscale urban us usa usa. usaf usaf f22 raptor uscg usmc uss pampanito ussr uta uta stansburiana utility v. huttoni v22 vacation vacations valentine valeriy meladze valley valley quail valleys vallum van vancuover vapor vapor cone vaq129 variablesweep wing variation varied thrush vase vegetable vegetables vegetarian vegetation vegetative vehicle vents venturing crews version vertebrate vertical vessel vessels veteran veterans vfa122 vibrant victory viewing viewpoint views villa village vine vinery vineyard vintage violence violet vireo vireo huttoni vireonidae virgin virgin mary visible visitors visor vista visual vital vitamin vivid vladivostok vmm161 vocal vocalizations volcanic volcano volley volume vought f4u corsair voyage vstol vtol vulnerable vulture wa wade wader wager waiting wake wakeup walk walking walkup wall wallpaper walls war warfare jet warhawk warm warm springs dam warthog washington washougal washougal mx park track watch watcher watchful watching water watercraft waterfall waterfall cove waterfalls waterfowl waterfront watershed waterway waterway patrol and even as gunships. in their role as flying am waterway patrol and even as gunships. in their role as flying ambulances wave waves way wealth weapon weather weed weenie dog well well cut west west coast west coast ravens western western balsam poplar western scrub jay western tanager western turtle dove western woodpewee wet wetland wheel wheels where they scored four victories with no losses which was in development at the time while the helicopter had proven to be an indispensable mode of t while the helicopter had proven to be an indispensable mode of transport during the korean war whimbrel whimsical whiskers white white sands white sands national monument whitecrowned sparrow whole wickup wide widebody widespread wiener dog wild wildcat wilderness wildflower wildflowers wildlife wildrose will whiteside willamette willamette mission state park willamette pass willamette river willet william william mckinley willits frontier days win wind winding windows windowshop windup windy wine winegrowing winery wing wing pads winged wings winner winter winter home wintering wintery wintry wire wisdom with more and more jet aircraft coming into the inventory with the engine located in the nose and the pilots up high to ma with the engine located in the nose and the pilots up high to make room for more passengers or cargo. with the engine mounted behind the pilot. he utilized a more in with the engine mounted behind the pilot. he utilized a more intuitive control system and small winglets called ailerons. a navy curtiss model d flown by eugene ely made the first takeoff from a ship in 1910 and the first landing the following year wizard wizard island woman women wood wooden woodland woodpecker woods work world world renowned world series world war ii worldrenowned worlds worm worship worshond wr wreath wrinkle wta ww ii wwii wyoming x xxxxx yacht yachting yak11 yak3ur2000 yakovlev yakovlev model 3u yakovlev yak18a yaquina yaquina bay yaquina bay bridge yard yarrup year yearround yellow yelloweyed yellowhammer yosemite young yr04 yucca brevifolia z. atricapilla z2 z2 track days zabriskie zebra zenaida macroura zheng jie zivko edge 540 zonotrichia zonotrichia atricapilla zonotrichia leucophrys zoo zoological zoology zoom zoom motorcycles track days zoom track days zoom zoom zoom zoom motorcycles zoom zoom motorcycles track days zoom zoom track days zoothera naevia американская оляпка американский кроншнеп американский свиристель американский чиж бас гитара белая сова белоголовая зонотрихия белоголовый орлан богородицы большая белая цапля буроголовый коровий трупиал валерий меладзе во́рон воронов вячеслав всех гитара голубая кустарниковая сойка горячев александр данаида монарх духовые западный пиви золотистый суслик золотой шилоклювый дятeл илья лагутенко канадский поползень кафедральный кедровый свиристель клавишные. кольчатая чернеть красноглазый тауи красноголовая пиранга краснохвостый канюк мексиканская чечевица мексиканский чиж микоян и гуревич миг15 ути микоян и гуревич миг17 микоян и гуревич миг21 микоян и гуревич миг29 музыкальная группа мумий тролль обыкновенный лунь обыкновенный скворец олень рузвельта опоясанный пегий зимородок ошейниковая чернеть ошейниковый земляной дрозд певчая зонотрихия педченко михаил плачущая горлица полевой лунь полосатохвостый голубь полярная сова пресвятой пушистый дятел пятнистый веретенник радости рыжеспинная гаичка североамериканская ореховка скопа скорбящих собор соло гитара сосновый чиж стеллерова черноголовая голубая с стеллерова черноголовая голубая сойка странствующий дрозд темношапочная кустарниковая синиц темношапочная кустарниковая синица тополь бальзамический. циклаури шалва чернобровая зонотрихия чернобровая овсянка черноголовая кукша черноголовый дубоносовый кардинал черношапочная гаичка чёрный куликсорока чёрный феб юнко